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The Doctor loved River. He married her!
The Doctor can never see Amy or Rory again because reasons.
Clara survived the Doctors time stream and remembers nothing because reasons.
Clara loves the Doctor or the Doctor loves Clara….?

The War Doctor.
The Doctor never destroyed Gallifrey. He would…

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Lucy Liu as Alex Munday in the Charlie’s Angels films

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I don’t know why Wheatley is always included on lists complaining about characters without a set human appearance being depicted as blonde skinny white dudes

other people like Cecil or that clock guy, totally understandable, but Wheatley is an ignorant and insensitive British-sounding dick who fucks everything up as soon as he’s put in a position of power

he is absolutely a white dude

i laughed harder than i should have.

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Luke Newberry with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter.

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mass producing your fake revolution

the fucking irony

This image is a metaphor for everything wrong with neoliberalism.

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British Isles

The people of the British Isles historically were never all white. Recent archaeological finds have determined that a Black presence can be found in the British Isles as far back as prehistoric times.

In September 2013, bones found in a river by two English teens were determined by forensic anthropologists to be the remains of a Sub-Saharan African woman who lived between 896 A.D. and 1025 A.D.

In his work Ancient and Modern Britons: a Retrospect, Vol. 3, David MacRitchie wrote, “We know that the first inhabitants of Britain and more especially those of the northern parts, were craniologically of a type approaching to the Negro or the Australian race.”

Charles Squire, author of Mythology of the Celtic People and Celtic Myth and Legendargued that one of the two races that occupied Britain were indigenous to the land and could be described as  ”short, swarthy, dark-haired, dark-eyed, and long-skulled.”  

“Its language belonged to the class called ‘Hamitic’,” he continued. 

An African king named Gormund ruled Ireland during the Anglo-Saxon period in England, reports the medieval historian Geoffrey of Monmouth.

According to Ivan Van Sertima, author of African Presence in Early Europe, in the second century A.D., the Roman historian Pliny described the Britons complexions as “Ethiopian.”  The Roman historian Tacitus in his biography of Agricola described the Silures, an ancient British tribe, as having a dark complexion and curly hair. J.A. Rogers believed they were very likely of Phoenician or Egyptian descent.

The Picts are acknowledged as the earliest inhabitants of Scotland.  MacRitchie  called the Picts “Moors” and states that it was clear that the Silures were the same as the Picts.


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So wait, Laika used same-sex couples in their trailers but not in the actual movie?

That’s… not cool.

And almost like they were using the the progressive rep they’d earned from a single joke in ParaNorman to promote their next movie without any…

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*Mourns over 2007, when alternative bands had alternative merchandise, and not the same shit you’d see in River Island*

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Our Lady Of Sorrows - My Chemical Romance

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